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bound Legacy

The Tandy Leather Culture

Mission & Values

To build on our legacy of inspiring the timeless art and trade of leatherworking.

Leathercrafting is, at its core, about self-expression. Our message to our customers, Make Your Mark, reflects our commitment to individuality, without judgment. We’re here to be the best leather supplier we can be, so our customers can continue to make their next creation, grow their business or pursue their passion.

We also know that we can do more to make Tandy a safe, inclusive and welcoming place for everyone, and we remain dedicated to making that happen.

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For Generations of Makers

Hands & Hearts

One City. One Store.

The artistry of al stohlman

Established in 1919, Tandy Leather would not be the same without the artistry of Al Stohlman. He was a master craftsman, gifted artist and pioneer in leathercrafting techniques. His work has influenced hundreds of thousands of leathercrafters worldwide, through the media of tool designs, patterns, instruction books and personal demonstrations.

Al and his wife Ann’s love for leather was exemplified by a willingness to give freely of his knowledge, to build leathercraft as an art form, as well as a craft, and to encourage others by his personal example. Although he is no longer with us today, his work and character will remain with us forever.

Trademarked & Branded since 1919

Al Stohlman left behind a long legacy of leathercraft books and leather carving patterns, many of which have been published by Tandy Leather in its catalogs and instruction books. Many of the original leather pieces used to illustrate his published books are on display, some dating back to the early 50s.

"I have often been asked what it takes to create a leather picture. More than anything else, it takes ideas. And being a realist, I feel a picture or scene must be authentic in detail, so it takes time. Lots of time"

Museum Tour

A Walk Through History

It's difficult to imagine a better place to be home to one of the greatest leathercraft exhibits. Fort Worth just seems like a natural fit.

Leather Expert Jim Linnel

Passing Down Knowledge

Jim Linnell is a skilled, leather craftsman who has dedicated most of his life to the art and teaching of leathercraft.

Dustin Loftis

Makers Spotlight

Dustin Loftis successfully owns and operates The Dusty Hide Leather Co., a business known for its beautiful custom-made leather goods.